Join the #GreenMeansGO movement (literally) and support @alliecarpenter as she endures and navigates the intense path of caring for her young boy Hank ... #hankthetank ... while he undergoes treatment for cancer. $5 (more that 50% profit) From each pair sold goes directly to Allie, plus, another $1 goes to the ACCO (American childhood cancer Association) providing free resources to support families who suffer childhood cancer. When you run or walk, #greenmeansgo !!! And #runforallie #runforhank. If you tag @gopopfit we will be sure to light a fire of community support and commitment to keeping Allie and Hank in the fronts of our minds so she can also feel us out there praying, and pounding pavement along the path. Walk with us. Run with us. Scream with us. Pray with us. Love with us.. and let the laces remind us..

#GreenMeansGO Laces (presale, ribbons available next week!)

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